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I have just returned from 4 months in Bulgaria.
8 weeks ago I visited your shop in Dobrich to arrange for someone to visit me and check if I could have the internet.
I was told somone would be with you within a week.Nobody came.
I have been in your shop 3 times and also your head office 3 times also phoned 5 or 6 times .
I was told 5 times that someone would visit me and 5 times in which I have stayed at the house waiting and 5 times nobody turned up.I was also told by somone in your shop that my village can not have the bulsat broadband?There is at least 3 people in the village with Bulsat bradband.When I told her this she would not listen to me and was quite rude.

I can not understand why with a business as big as yours this all happens?

24 Авг 2014 10:03

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Well...is it sad to say,but:welcome to the bulgarian reality. There is no logic in what is happening in this country. :roll: :?:

31 Авг 2014 21:00

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Thanks for both reply's excuse my Bulgarian translation.Just very angry being told so many times and having to wait in all day 5 times for nothing.I rally can not understand how a business that size can be so badly run and and not chase after new business?

01 Окт 2014 23:02
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Отговори на тема   [ 3 мнения ] 

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